Lotion Bar

Lotion Bar


Mess-free lotion in a convenient bar.  Swipe on while skin is still damp like right when you get out of the shower to lock in moisture and then go about your day.  Perfect for at your desk or on the go, just swipe, rub, and done.  

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Scent Descriptions: 

Unicorn Tears: A sweet and delectable delight of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerine and sugared vanilla.

Siren's Call: Just like a siren, seductive, hypnotic, and a little bit naughty. Enjoy this blend of sandalwood & musk.

Sailor's Delight: "red sky at night, sailor's delight," means worry-free sailing with clear skies; this blend of tartness and sweetness with currant, strawberry, huckleberry, & mandarin is sure to delight you in every possible way.