Summer Must Have Ingredients

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! We can’t say that enough keeping your skin hydrated with the right moisturizer is very important in protecting and keeping your beautiful skin healthy all summer long.

Our recommendations for all over body care include our Lotion Bar, a mess-free portable solid lotion, our Body Lotion newly formulated with powerful ingredients to combat crepe, dry, skin, and the new body cream featuring ingredients that battle eczema and super dry skin without being greasy or tacky.

So what’s the difference in our moisturizers?  Convenience, which you will find in our lotion bar, we like to throw these in our purse or beach bag to moisturize on the go.  Shea butter, Mango Butter, & Meadowfoam Seed Oil pack a super hydrating punch. Some lotion bars are too hard i.e. meaning there was too much wax that was used but ours glide gently across the skin with zero drag.

Next up is our body lotion with ingredients that improve your skin on contact and will continually improve your skin with every use.  Argan helps improve skin elasticity while Sunflower oil, rich in vitamin E, improves your skin health and gives you that glow that we are all after.  What really makes this lotion great though is the use of Allantoin.  This game-changing ingredient, which you will find in the lotion and body cream, is what really makes these products great.   

Allantoin, actually interacts with the skin’s keratin to thin out abnormal, thick skin, think eczema and psoriasis, this is the reason that allantoin is known for leaving your skin feeling smooth. On top of that, Allantoin increases the water content in your skin thus making it more hydrated and plump, it exfoliates or sloughs off that thick, dry, skin, and it repairs your skin making your skin better with every use by stimulating skin cells to generate new skin.

Our body cream of course has a thicker consistency than the lotion but packs even more of hydrating punch with not just Allantoin but Sodium Lactate which gently exfoliates skin, Evening Primrose Oil , it's packed with Omega-6 fatty acids, crucial for healthy skin. Then if you look closely at the ingredients of our cream you will find “hydrolyzed quinoa” yep that’s right Quinoa, the food that is packed with protein and is all the rage.  Hydrolyzed quinoa provides skin hydration, softening, and provides strong anti-irritant, anti-oxidant, and repairing properties. 

If you have skin issues or if you are just looking for a great, natural, product that feels and smells good, then Sailor Girl Soap & Supplies can help.  Don’t know which product to go with or what fragrance to start with?  Our most popular scents in Lotion and Body Cream are Sailor’s Daughters, a close second is Beach and Mermaid in the lotion, and the lotion bars, Sailor Girl Lori’s favorite is “Brizo-Goddess of Sailors” and Shaina’s is Sailor’s Delight.  Don’t stop at the moisturizer; layer your fragrances with their matching soap! Enjoy your summer Sailors, XOXO.