First Time Blogging. Ever!

Yes, we are blogging now! If you don't follow us on Facebook or Instagram; our blog will cover the latest news and I encourage you to sign up for the once/month newsletter for exclusive products and special discount (sales pitch, over). If this is your first time visiting our website, welcome, we are Sailor Girl Soap & Supplies; don't let our business name mislead you; we are more than just soap. We are a Native American, Woman & Veteran owned business that hopes to heal and change the lives of others, one whipped body butter at a time. 

Our products that really shine are our moisturizers, varying by thickness and skin concerns. We have lotion, lotion bar, body creme, whipped body butters, creamy balm, soon to be body oil, and our body balm (our most nourishing and dare I say it, healing of all the balms).  Not that our soaps aren't fantastic, because they really are and they are Palm-Free.  My favorite part of my job at a market or show is when people smell a soap and are reminded of days gone by or a special person, that's what magic is.  Seeing a first time Sailor Girl Soap sniffer and watching the twinkle come back in their eyes.

Lori,  owner/operator mastermind,  is responsible for all the formulating, production, labeling, and is the reason why I'm here. She is my mother and boss...well I'm her boss (giggle, giggle). I, Shaina, am her Business Manager; that means I'm responsible for marketing, promotion, website management, sales, finance, and customer service.  When my mom, Lori, made her first whipped body butter, I knew the possibilities were endless and had a vision of where our company could go.  It's been a slow, waning, trial and error, process but it has all been worth it.  Well that's our first blog post, mic drop, kidding, but in all seriousness thank you for reading.  More to come from Lori, herself.  Have a beautiful day, XOXOXOXO. 

-Shaina Nomee, Business Manager